Homeless encampment taken down

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Members of Chattanooga’s homeless community woke up this morning to the city removing what was considered their home.

The city gave certain members of the homeless population three days to find a new place to live.

They were in wood homes, or had flammable materials as part of their property.

Three weeks ago, one building caught fire near the city’s new sanctioned encampment, and destroyed everything inside.

One city leader says safety is a top priority.

Ellis Smith in the Mayor’s office says “It’s much more difficult to get a home when you don’t have your documents, or they’ve been stolen or whatever. So, again, (we’re) trying to get people stabilized in the temporary sanctioned encampment of where they can take that next step. We’ve got to be really mindful of that safety aspect.”

The city is still taking applications for the new sanctioned encampment.

Those with the three-day ultimatum were offered a spot in the encampment in a new tent.

Some of them declined the offer.


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