Howl Services Filling the Needs of Lookout Mountain

Ash Perry began loading up groceries in his car.

But he wasn’t taking the essentials home.

Instead, Perry delivered groceries to members in his community.

It’s one of the variety of features that’s included in his company, Howl Services.

“Howl Services is a platform that connects local high schoolers and local college students with odd jobs” said Perry.

His odd job company is designed to fit the needs of the Lookout Mountain community.

Perry says Howl is beneficial for people who are avoiding the grocery store or needs extra help around the house while their kids are out of school. “The odd jobs include babysitting, yard work, we’re going to move onto virtual tutoring in times like this.”

COVID-19 forcing schools and public events to shut down in the State of Tennessee. Grocery stores are becoming more crowded each and every day. That’s why Ash Perry and his Howl Services team are using precautionary methods to ensure the safety of their customers.

“I’ve asked them if they feel sick in the slightest even if it’s a cold to don’t take a job” said Perry. “For jobs like grocery shopping, leave the bags on the porch. Especially for the elderly. Maybe even wear gloves if you’re picking up the bag. Wash your hands, sanitize.”

Although Howl Services is a for profit company, Perry decided to cut baby sitting rates to help parents and teachers while school is not in session.

A percentage of Howl Services’ profit is also being donated back to local schools and programs.

“We give back to CCS, LMS, and Fairland. Two schools on Lookout Mountain and Love Lookout.”

An anonymous donor is matching the proceeds all the way through July 4th.

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