Immigration lawyers react to Trump administration’s plans

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) – Dalton is a town with a large Hispanic community. Immigration and nationality lawyer Carlos Calderin says with the new Trump administration there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen when it comes to immigration.

“Well he hasn’t finished discussing the issues of what he is going to do. I mean he has been in the office for less than a week,” Calderin said.

Calderin says President Trump’s ideas on immigration is mixture of the Bush and Obama administrations.

“Obama administration from the standpoint of focusing on violent criminals, criminal aliens, which is what the Obama administration, there policy was focusing on. From the standpoint of getting local governments more involved in the process of apprehending and identifying illegal immigrants, that is what we were seeing under the Bush administration,” Calderin said.

He says certain talk has worried some immigrants.

“The rhetoric that they have heard from the extreme left in the last month or so scaring them propagating rumors that there will be some sort of deportation army instigated by the Trump administration on day one.”

For some immigrants, building the wall doesn’t worry them.

“What we’ve heard from individuals who are in the country, they are not concerned so much about the wall. They are concerned about their livelihood inside the country.”

Calderin says some are optimistic.

“They hear a rhetoric from the new administration about the possibility of individuals perhaps being able to stay in a legal fashion and being able to do things right, they are very positive about that.”

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