Lambert, Visitors Bureau reacts to Boyd Indictment

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Hamilton County Commission candidate, Brent Lambert and the Convention and Visitors Bureau are responding to the Boyd Indictment.

Brent Lambert says that Tim Boyd threatened him by saying he wanted him to drop out of the race.

We learned more Friday about what exactly the extent Lambert says that Boyd would go to to get him till drop out.

He says on February 15th, Boyd called him and said “if you drop out of what race, then everything goes away. Otherwise, I go to the, to the newspaper, to social media, I’ll do mailers. This is not going to be good for you, your employer, or your family.”

Lambert says, “He went on to say that if you stay in the race it is not going to be pretty.”

Lambert said that Boyd made some shocking jokes about the Me Too movement in one of the phone calls that he placed to Lambert ahead of the vote in May.

He says we’ll all hear this for ourselves very soon.

Lambert says, “It appears that Mr. Boyd wants to punish me or bully me for doing the right thing. He threatened me, he threatened my family, my employer. His defense has been that our district Attorney was corrupt, the Tennessee Bureau of investigation is corrupt, and the Hamilton County citizens on the grand jury are corrupt. Citizens like you and me.”

Lambert says this call happen on February 15th.

Lambert says that another call happened the following week, “Boyd mocked the #METOO movement, which as a father of a daughter, appalled me that he would be so insensitive about that. There were other things that were said that you will find out eventually.”

The CVB sent out a statement to their members saying:

“Regarding the Hamilton County District 8 Commission Race, the CVB is not and has not been associated with the recent investigation and indictment. No volunteer board member or CVB employee has participated or acted on behalf of the organization. Additionally to the CVB leadership’s knowledge, no board or staff member has acted independently. Is regretful that the CVB has been unjustly accused or referenced as an affiliate. The new volunteer and staff leadership at the CVB remains kingly focus on tourism, economic development, and the continued improvement of our community for visitors and residents.”

Lambert will be hosting another press conference like the on Monday says that the series of phone calls made him feel threatened him and he had no choice but to take this to the District Attorney’s Office.

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