Local EMT burned after being scalded by hot water after falling in shower

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) A local E-M-T and his family are asking for help after an unfortunate accident.

Hamilton County E-M-T, Duane Beacham was getting ready for work, when he slipped and fell in the shower.

He was knocked unconscious, and scalded by the hot water.

Beacham is now at West Cobb Hospital, and is being treated for 2nd degree burns from head to toe.

He is in critical condition and battling kidney failure.

He has a long road to recovery, but is up and talking.

Beacham’s brother says he is a fighter and is overwhelmed by support.

“Although we help everybody in our jobs, everybody is helping us now. My brother was a volunteer fireman for 9 years. He spent most of his life helping people and it is being returned ten fold,”says Keith Beacham, Duane’s twin brother.

Doctors are doing what they can to help fight infections and continue to work on his kidneys.

For a link to the go fund me, click here.

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