Local Escorts Maximizing Internet Advertising add “Escorting is Different to Trafficking”

CHATTANOOGA, TN, (WDEF)-We use the internet more and more to advertise and promote ourselves, our companies and our careers.
     The same trend is now very common among escorts in Tennessee and Georgia.

Lynn,"The people in the industry go there to do their advertising, it only costs 7 dollars for Chattanooga, if you go anywhere else in the area it costs more to post"

Escort, Lynn, is talking about Backpage.com and similar sites which she has been using for over 3 years.

Lynn,"I was struggling financially and didn’t how I was going to pay this or that, was so tired of my bank account being in the minus, so that’s why I started, i actually enjoy it now".

Escort review sites are becoming more and more popular here in Chattanooga.

California Technolog Guru and Marketing Consultant Murray Newlands says he sees Lynn’s point of view as the internet is so accessible due to smart phone technology.

"For men buying sex there is a feeling of anonymity and security for those selling it it’s the same, also with a very simple camera phone you can shoot photos and video and with social media there are plenty of places to post those photos and videos"

However Lynn added its very important to point out that sex trafficking and escorting are not the same and can be confused on website postings.

"When you are an escort  you are just providing mutual companionship between two people and there’s a big difference"

Mary Frances Bowley runs a center for those who are sexually abused in Atlanta and says unfortunately many of their patients have been trafficked online.

"Used to be Craigslist and that’s been pretty much taken down there are others that make a lot of money that they know are underage and so yes there are so many different ways they are sold online, sometimes even through Youtube"

Bowley added that Facebook and Twitter are also commonly used for trafficking.

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