Local Woman Angry After Neighbor Shoots and Kills her Dog

GEORGETOWN, Tenn. (WDEF) – A one year old boxer was found shot in the stomach, and her owners say they want her story to be heard.

Gloria Sumner said her next-door neighbor shot and killed her dog, Josie, leaving behind five small puppies. According to Sumner, it all happened less than two weeks ago, after she let Josie out to use the restroom one night.

“Normally she’d come running when I hollered for her, but she didn’t and I told my boyfriend, I said there’s something wrong with her,” and that’s when Sumner said she discovered the dog with a gunshot wound to her stomach.

Sumner immediately rushed Josie to the hospital the next morning, but doctors said it was already too late. That’s when Sumner went next door for answers, “We asked him do you know anybody who shot my dog, and he said, ‘Yea I did it.'”

News 12 spoke with the residents living next door. They said they’ve been terrorized by Sumner’s dogs for years now, claiming the dogs always find a way on their property.

The neighbors said in the past the dogs have tried to bite them, and used the bathroom on their porch, but that night, they claim the dog was in their yard chasing one of their chickens.

“If any animal threatening you, you have some fear for your well-being. You are able to discharge your weapon and shoot the animal,” said Bob Citrullo, executive director of the Humane Educational Society.

Sumner said she knows she can’t press charges against her neighbors for the death of Josie, but asked that her story be shared, in hopes to save the life of someone else’s four-legged friend, “Yea the dog was in his yard. I mean I understand that part, but in a way it’s like, why shoot a dog?”

For more information on how to report animal abuse, or to report an animal you suspect may be dangerous call  the Humane Educational Society at, 423-624-5302.

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