Million Dollar Marijuana Farm In Grundy County Leaves Community Shocked

GRUNDY COUNTY, TN, (WDEF)-If you went down to the woods Thursday you are in for a big surprise.
     Law enforcement pulled up truck loads of marijuana plants cultivated in a major marijuana den in this secluded area off Taylor Road in Gruetli Laager.

"We just kept digging and stumbling on to a huge amount of marijuana"

Grundy County deputies believe they now have millions of dollars of marijuana plants to burn.

More than two dozen deputies and DEA agents have worked throughout the night gathering more and more marijuana plants and say there are so many here they are concerned they would not have enough vehicles to transport it all in.

Jon Wesley Bell, Criminal Investigator, "Generators to pump water out of wells, then they piped it out to different locations where they’ve stored it in tanks and then they had it set up from the tanks on valves, where they could then take it to plants individually, they have spent quite a lot of money on this"

Residents who pick blackberries in these woods think there may also have been deer cameras located throughout the square mile area of forest.

Others are embarrassed and disgusted at the record breaking seizure.

Deborah Meeks, Local resident,"I mean the lord can get them through all this if they would just get off of it and not do stuff like this, this is bad on Grundy County, it’s bad for the kids of Grundy County I mean we need more of this"

Local drug counselors say this is a victory in the war against drugs and say marijuana is a common gateway drug in our region.

Leah Hooper, Development Assistant, Teen Challenge Of The Mid South,"What happens is people start with marijuana and then a dealer says hey you like this high let me give you something else, so they are going to these dealers who are wanting to push harder drugs because that’s more money for them and so I think marijuana is a dangerous thing"

Crews guarded the site over night and DEA agents have swarmed the area locating  more and more plants.

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