Minority Enterprise Development Week recognized locally Oct. 17th – 24th

It’s Minority Enterprise Development Week in the Tennessee Valley, it will be observed locally from October 17th to the 24th.

In recognition of MED week the City of Chattanooga joined nine other local and regional partners to organize 10-event lineup in celebration of the achievementsScreenshot 2022 10 17 Med Week Oct 17 24 Empower Chattanooga and contributions of the region’s minority-owned business

The City of Chattanooga’s Economic Development Officer Jermaine Freeman said he hopes people will take advantage of these resources.

“This week is Minority Enterprise Development Week, which is a national week focused on the development of minority businesses and helping minority entrepreneurs to scale up. So there are a number of different courses that are going to be offered as part of this week’s activities.” said Freeman. “Most of the events are virtual so business owners have an opportunity to participate virtually.”

They are geared toward minority business owners but are beneficial to any small business owner or entrepreneur. 

“You don’t actually have to be a minority business owner to participate. So anyone can participate in any of these activities and classes. But, certainly the purpose of the week is really to certainly reach out to minority owned businesses and minority entrepreneurs, to let them know that these resources are available,” said Freeman.

According to financial website Smartest Dollar, Chattanooga is ranked 7th on their list of mid size metro areas with the most minority owned businesses. 

“I think that Chattanooga punches above its way just in terms of making sure to provide support for minority owned businesses, but what I think we really want to do is to highlight some specific opportunities for entrepreneurs to participate in. We want entrepreneurs and small business owners whether you are in the planning stages or the aspirational stages, with just an idea or whether or not you actually have an existing business,” said Freeman.

The events are free, open to the public.

To register to participate, you can sign up at econ.chattanooga.gov.

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