Miracle League in Dalton

Dalton, Ga (WDEF) The Miracle League of Whitfield County celebrated their Awards Day for spring season on Saturday.

WDEF News 12’s Jamal Williams was there.

The league is in their 6th season of play, with over 130 players the Miracle league of whitfield is providing an opportunity for children and adults with special needs to play baseball and to the players this opportunity means the world

"the games for these kids are truly very special for them so many of these kids have never had the chance to play on a team sport they have never been apart of a team they have never had a uniform before"
"somne of the kids out here are in wheel chairs some of them can’t move at all and their parents are on the field with them making them feel like hey are playing base ball it tugs on my heart every saturday i come every saturday and it tugs at my heart just to see smiles"
"some of them sleep in their uniforms the night before the game because they are so excited wanting to play"
"they dont have this outlet at school maybe even some of them at home but when they get out here they are all the same there are no differences they dont see differences in one antoher and it is a good thing all around

But it’s not all about Baseball the players and the coachers are learning lessons off the field as well

"they are teaching us more lesson than anything because we see their stuggles and even though they have issues they are out here working hard and they are imporving and they are trying hard they do the best they can when they get out here"

Today was their awards day as they wrapped up their 6th season and they will be back out on the field in the fall for WDEF news 12 i’m Jamal Williams. 

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