Mom to Mom – Keep Kids Entertained on Road Trips with Goody Bags

It’s road trip season, and I’ve got a way to keep your kids occupied throughout the entire trip.

Moms, I feel your pain on road trips. There’s only so many movies they can watch, there’s only so many games they can play until they start getting bored of that. This was a tip from actually another mom friend of mine, and what she does is she puts together road trip goody bags. I thought this was genius because it gives the kids something that they can look forward to throughout the entire trip.

Summer Goody BagsI went online and found these little printable tags. What I do, is I put a time frame on there. I just say, “Do not open until 2:00,” and I just tape it on the little bag. What I did was I went to Dollar Tree and got these little goodies. A little mini Etch A Sketch, something that they haven’t played with before, and I found these little scavenger hunt cards, which is kind of cool. If you have multiple kids, they can all get involved in that. A little UNO game. Of course, we got to have some snacks. Bop It, and then some books to read along the way.

Anything that your children are interested in, you can just buy it, pop it in the bag. It gives them something new, and something to look forward to along the way.

Moms, I know you have great ideas for those long road trips, so connect with me on the Mom To Mom Facebook page or visit Mom To Mom page for more ideas.

— Sarah Pannell

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