Mom To Mom – Save Up With the Money Challenge

We’re going to show you an easy yet fun way to pay down that holiday debt.

Finances are tough and saving money is even tougher. That’s why this 52-week challenge is perfect for any financial situation. It’s super easy. Basically all you need is a fun Mason jar or just anything really. But since I love Mason jars, this is the way to go. And then there’s all kinds of printouts online that you can find. You can Google 52-week money saving challenge and boom, you get all these cool things that you can cut and tape right onto the jar.

So depending on your financial situation, you can either do biweekly, monthly, or weekly, which is what I’m going to go for. I want to save about $1,300 in about 52 weeks. And the best way to do that is right here, you’ve got your fun little chart. It goes by week one, week two, week three, week four, and so forth.

Basically on week one, you put in $1. Week two, you put in $2. Week three, you put in $3. And at the end of week three you’ve got $6 in your fun little jar, and it adds up. That’s how you can pay off that holiday debt that we all get ourselves into.

You can Google search 52-week saving money challenge. That’s where you’ll find these awesome charts, and you can get started on saving money today, much like myself. Feel free to post your tips to our Facebook page and be sure to check out our Mom To Mom page for more stories.

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