Monks show off mobility to protest driving ticket blamed on robe

A Buddhist monk in Japan received a traffic violation when driving in his robe. The police officer who pulled the monk over said the attire interfered with his safe driving, The Japan News reports.

The man refused to pay the ticket and his fellow monks are now using social media to prove their robes do not inhibit mobility.

Some monks posted a video of themselves jump roping in their robes. Another showed himself juggling. One even showed off his sword-slinging skills while wearing the traditional garb. 

Each monk used a hashtag which roughly translates to “I can do this in monk’s clothes.” 

The videos have gained widespread attention on Twitter. The monks want people to know that they drive in their robes on a daily basis, and not being able to do that would inhibit their activity. The monk who received a ticket said being stopped by police prevented him from carrying out his memorial services, The Japan News reports.

Although this campaign for justice is serious to monks, many Twitter users marveled at the videos and how talented and fun-loving the monks are. One played guitar and another wielded a light saber. Many Twitter users replied to the videos saying the monks had “won the internet.”

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