Mother arrested for using knife on son; family claims self defense

RINGGOLD, Georgia(WDEF) – A mother is in jail after police say she assaulted her son with a knife. But another family member who say they witnessed the incident says she saying was merely defending herself in her own home.

Catoosa County Sheriff deputies were called to home in the 4000 block of Highway 41 in reference to a domestic disturbance with weapons involved.

When they arrived, the reportedly found Joseph Eastland suffering from a single knife cut to this abdomen. He reportedly told deputies that his mother, Mattie Ransom, 57 cut him with a knife. Deputies entered the home and took Ransom into custody for assault and battery.

But Ransom’s daughter Laronnica Donley says she believes her mothers was acting in self defense. She didn’t witness the incident but says her 14-year old daughter saw what happened and called her.

"She was like granny cut uncle Joseph. Uncle Joseph hit granny and granny came up with a knife," Donley said.

"He shook her then he pushed her on the ground; then when she got a knife out and threatened to cut him," said the 14-year old whom WDEF will not identify because she’s a minor.

Ransom’s daughter says this wasn’t the first time her mother has been physically abused by Eastland.

"The first time, he bust her eardrum. He didn’t go to jail. They just let it ride. The second time, momma went to jail," Donley said.

Unfortunately for Ransom, the first incident her daughter was referring to was never reported to authorities. According to Donley, her mother didn’t report that incident because she didn’t want Eastland to get into trouble.

Catoosa County Sheriff, Gary Sisk told WDEf that Ransom has a history of run-in’s with the law. He added the run-in’s include the use of weapons. Sisk said in this particular case, the matter is still under investigation but Ransom is not cooperating with detectives.

It’s unclear why she won’t cooperate with investigators. But at the same time, her daughter says it’s unclear why her mother is the only person facing charges since the dispute involved two people who were involved in a verbal argument that became a physical altercation.

"I mean, why didn’t he go to jail with her," Donley asked.

Ransom remains in the Catoosa County jail because her arrest was a violation of her probation from a previous shoplifting conviction.

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