Mozilla and GigLab Aim To Bring High Speed Internet Know How To Chattanooga Public

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)An inspiration for libraries and IT hubs from New York to New Zealand but now the Chattanooga Public Library will focus on giving everyone the chance to learn how to use our fast internet speeds to help others.

In a matter of weeks time a space on the fourth floor will be transformed into a digital playground, which will allow members of the public to avail of free classes and the latest in network technology

Jake Brown, Soddy Daisy Native and GigLab Organizer, "The gig is only really valuable when you are connecting with other cities that also share your vision as a platform for education and experimentation and we wanted to be a part of that, we wanted the public to have a space to come in and learn about this amazing resource that we have in Chattanooga"

The Giglab is just one of 6 projects receiving 150,000 dollars in support from Mozilla’s Gigabit Community fund to give back to the public.

Lindsey Frost Cleary, Mozilla,"GigRidge that’s connecting classrooms at GPS with classrooms in other neighborhoods to help with English as second language classes so there’s a lot of these projects about expanding learning access and opportunity"

Geoff Millener, Hive Chattanooga and Mozilla"A time water monitoring system that will leverage the gig and how it collects data its student and teacher driven through CSAS and Hixson High school and through the public library and they are building this water monitoring network"

The Mozilla Gigabit fund also gave 150,000 dollars to Kansas city to help bring their internet speeds to local classrooms and their greater community.

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