Mural project starts on Wilcox Tunnel

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Drivers who frequently go through the Wilcox Tunnel will have to find a new route, because it’s temporarily closed.

These signs greet drivers at Wilcox Tunnel. It’s closed, but not for road construction. GoodSpace Murals and lead artist Greta McLain, out of Minneapolis, will bring a splash of color to the entrance.

“We are creating murals on the faces of the Wilcox Tunnel and we are doing this through Public Art Chattanooga,” said Candida Gonzalez, the co-owner of GoodSpace Murals.

Residents gave input.

“All of our murals are created with a community process and the community design component to it. So we have been working out here in Chattanooga for about a year now,” Gonzalez said.

They did design sessions with community members.

“The design you will see on these murals was created from what people in Eastdale and Avondale said that they wanted to see to represent their communities,” Gonzalez said.

The mural is titled, “See me shine.”

“What is really exciting to us is that people will be able to see the youth in this mural and really hold that concept of how much they shine,” Gonzalez said.

Artists say murals add something positive to the area.

“Obviously one they brighten up the space and they put art out there for everyone to see. But I think there is something else with a mural that is really claiming space and giving space to tell stories,” Gonzalez said.

For the detour, click here. The mural is expected to be finished in two weeks.

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