Helping Chattanooga Neighborhoods

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Neighborhood associations in the GigCity are moving online thanks to app technology.

Carla Askonas, Nextdoor User,"I was pretty hesitant, the idea was put forward by a past president of the Stuart Heights Neighborhood Association and I had a negative reaction because I thought hey everybody is already on social media they are not going to want one more".

However Carla’s Chattanooga neighborhood now has more than 250 Nextdoor app users.

They communicate about break-ins, stray animals and environmental concerns.

"On Saturday or Sunday night there was a deer on the road on Ozark road so that neighbors would realize we had large wildlife present in the neighborhood so cars would be aware in that area".

Nextdoor is free for mobile and desktop users and since 2011 has grown to 60,000 members in 50 states.

Jen Burke, ,"Are really community minded and want to do good things and make their communities better and one of the different things about Nextdoor that is different to other private social networks is that you have to use your real name and verify where you live that actually increases the types of conversations that are happening."

Other uses for the app include babysitter options, home repairs and promoting garage sales.

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