Nick Saban Pressers Can Turn Into Weekly Adventures For Reporters

Nick Saban’s weekly press conferences often turn into good theater when he goes off on a rant. They’re certainly entertaining, unless you’re the reporter who asked the question that got him going. So what’s it like to cover the SEC coaching giant? Tuscaloosa radio hosts Ryan Fowler and Gary Harris of Tide 100.9 have a front row seat.

Reporter:”With the number four ranking, how do you keep your players on an even keel?”
Said from Saban from a weekly press conference:”Only reason we have it is for folks like you to talk about and write about. That’s all it is. And ask questions about, which you did a nice job of.”
Reporter:”What one word would you use to describe those weekly press conferences we see from Tuscaloosa?”
Said Fowler:”Oh. Unpredictable because you never know exactly what he’s going to go off on. Like there will be a word you’ll ask him, and you’ll be like okay, that’s not going to set him up, and then he’ll explode.”
Said Saban:”So we’re going to play everybody who can expedite winning the game. That’s what we’re going to do.”
Said Harris:”He can be frank. He can get his message across, but he doesn’t have to use just the cliches that a lot of other coaches use. Now he can be manipulative a little bit too.”
Said Saban:”Y’all speculate and create things, and then you want people to respond to it. Get this bottle to respond to it because I don’t know anything more than that. I told you everything I know. So you can ask the bottle, but don’t ask me.”
Said Fowler:”It’s one of those games that you have you know that’s not a big competition. And you know, uh-oh, here it comes. This is Nick Saban rant day.”
Harris:”He always brings up the Georgia Southern game.”
Said Saban:”Y’all don’t remember the Georgia Southern game do you. I don’t think we had a guy on that field that didn’t play in the NFL and about four or five of them were first round draft picks. And I think that team won a national championship, but I’m not sure. And they run through us like through a tin horn man, and we could not stop them.” (laughter)
Said Fowler:”Nick Saban is a lot of fun to cover because you get everything that you need. I mean he’s a sound bite waiting to happen.”
Said Saban:”If we don’t win this game, maybe we throw a stink bomb out there, and maybe we don’t get in the playoffs. So I’d really rather not have anymore questions about is it okay to lose this game. It’s never okay to lose a game!”
Reporter:”I wanted to ask about Jalen. He has done.”
Said Saban:”You should have asked that first.”
Said Harris:”Sometimes those rants are manufactured a little bit. He goes off on a rant, and a lot of times he’l look over at Josh Maxson his SID, and he’ll wink. He’ll giggle and say all right now, you better be careful from here on out.”
Said Saban:”So I really do respect and appreciate everyone of you. Do I agree with you. Not always.”

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