Notre Dame Adds to Their Rushing Offense With Old School Formation

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Notre Dame was ready to unleash their “Air Raid” offense this season with a strong armed quarterback and multiple receivers.
And while the Irish have been slinging it around, they’ve added another offensive attack that only your grandfather might recognize.
When former Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski came to Notre Dame this year to be their offensive line coach, he introduced the Irish to an offense that’s so old, the only time you see the two-back alignment is on black and white film.
Said Irish back Caleb Edwards:”We had this guy on the sidelines. He came up to Coach Jags, and he said man, single wing-T? I remember running that back in the 60’s. (laughs) Coach Jags told me. I started dying laughing.”
It does look funny. there’s no quarterback or running back directly behind the center. There are two backs to the side, and the center basically snaps it to a spot.
Said head coach Charles Fant:”We’ve had three centers do it, and all three centers have literally snapped that ball a thousand times on it.”
Said Irish center Jalen Derrick:”It felt weird a little bit not knowing like exactly who to go to, so I was wondering about not messing up the snap. I used to be coach are you sure and things like that.”
Notre Dame wants to pound their opponent with this old school formation.
Said Fant:”For us it’s imposing our will. The game is physical. I know now-a-days they are trying to take the physicality out of the game. However, between those tackles, that’s where the game is still won and lost. And so being able to say that we can throw for 300 and run for 300 is realy an awesome thing, and that’s what it has done for us. The game if it’s wet, or we are struggling in certain areas, we know we can jump in it, and move the ball when we need to, and do what we have to do with it.”
Said Edwards:”I think a lot of us thought it wasn’t going to work. (chuckles) And now everbody loves it.”
Said Fant:”I’ve had a couple of my friend coaches that are trying to get me to give all the rules and everything. I said no, I’m sorry I can’t do that.” (laughs)
Notre Dame hosts CPA in the quarterfinals of the state playoffs on Friday Night at 7pm.

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