Pachyderm Club Moves to Expell Curtis Adams

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) — For anyone who doesn’t know, The Pachyderm Club is a political support group for Republicans.
With the primaries only a couple of days away, the members are looking for solidarity.
But what about a member who supports a democratic candidate?
Here’s what happened to former county commissioner Curtis Adams.

CURTIS ADAMS, FORMER COUNTY COMMISSIONER "If I had to lose anything, that would be the number one thing I’d like to lose..membership in the pachyderm club."

Curtis Adams,the former democratic county commissioner, who became a republican years ago, has angered members of the Pachyderm club by openly supporting democrat Kenny Smith for county commission over incumbent Tim Boyd.

CURTIS ADAMS "I’m happy with that. I’m out of politics and I feel comfortable with my support of Kenny Smith. He’s a good, clean cut boy, he’s a democrat, he’s a union member…he’s not a rabble-rousing union member."

Adams ran for his old job in district again this year and lost in the primaries to Tim Boyd, who will face Smith Thursday.
But at Monday’s Pachyderm Club there were calls for the ouster of Adams.

HENRY HOSS, PRESIDENT, PACHYDERM CLUB "There was a vote taken..about 90 percent,95 percent of the people there voted in favor of it…so its been referred to the board of directors. "

Haas says such a move was unusual, but not unexpected in this case.

HENRY HOSS "Very unusual. We’ve never…we’ve had one other person expelled from the club some years ago…
for some controversial matters…and I wasn’t even present when all that occurred."

CURTIS ADAMS "Anyway…I’m a republican, I can vote for who I want to…this is America sir, and if they want to throw me out because of that..that’s a real honor to me."

But Adams is not quite through with the matter.
He is making a formal appeal for an ethics investigation into the candidacy of Tim Boyd.
He mailed a list of complaints to all city and county leaders,along with state officials.

Adams is not the only Pachyderm club member to be called on the carpet.
Perry Perkins will likely be tossed out for supporting democrat Ezra Maise instead of Sabrena Turner, who defeated him in the race for Commissioner District 7.

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