Protests over George Floyd’s death continue on Sunday

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Protests throughout the nation continued on Sunday.

Two separate protests took place Sunday afternoon.

Marie Mott, who is running for District 8 city council, planned her own demonstration.

The group met at the Hamilton County Courthouse.

They spoke about police brutality, issues with the Chattanooga police department and how they can make change happen.

Mott says, “it starts with disinvestment of communities. It starts with not equal access. It starts with mis-education. It starts with mass incarceration. It starts from all of these steps that happened before. It starts with all of these things that happened before. We’ve been fighting the power for a long time. So, this ain’t nothing new. We’re just continuing to struggle.”

Later in the day, protesters began gathering at Coolidge park.

The crowd seemed to be more frustrated than Mott’s demonstrations.

Protesters began walking towards the Hamilton County courthouse after a few hours at Coolidge Park.

They were chanting, “No justice, no peace. No racist police.”

Once at the courthouse, protesters tried to take a sign down on the balcony on the Georgia Ave. side of the courthouse.

When yanking on the sign, one of the pillar lights fell and broke causing CPD to attempt to clear the area.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputies in full riot gear arrived on scene.

Shortly after, deputies threw tear gas grenades into the crowed.

The gas hit dozens including our own Angela Moryan who was reporting.  Here’s a look at what she saw.

Protesters scattered but stayed in the area.

Hundreds gathered on Georgia Ave. in front of Jefferson’s.

This is when chants began again.

Some protesters attempted to take a knee in the name of George Floyd.

After a brief moment of silence, protesters began making their way to the Walnut Street Bridge.

The National Guard, THP, and CPD were on Market Street for crowd control.

There were at least 10 arrests made on Sunday night.


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