Public Could Decide Partner Benefits in Chattanooga

A petition is being drafted right now by a group that wants the public to decide on partner benefits in Chattanooga.

It will take a couple of days to draft the petition.

Once it’s done, Citizens for Goverment Accountability and Transparency will give it to the Hamilton County Election Commission to look at.

They need to see that the process is following the law.

Then the citizens group will reach out to large organizations and other groups to collect at least 4,500 signatures.

Mark West, President of Citizens for Government Accountability and Transparency, says, "We feel like something this controversial should certainly be put to the people, particularly when you consider that not one of the nine councilmen or the mayor campaigned on this issue. It never came up during the campaign. So, if it’s something that we’re that silent on, why is it sprung on the people, all of a sudden."

If enough legal signatures are collected, you’ll see this issue on next year’s ballot.

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