Race for Ringgold mayor turns into criminal investigation

RINGGOLD, Georgia(WDEF) – The race for Ringgold mayor has taken an interesting turn that may lead to someone going to jail.

As of Tuesday morning, the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office began investigating claims that someone is stealing election campaign signs that belong to Paul Lee.

"This is against the law and I will prosecute. I had three signs taken off my private property last night alone," Lee said.

Lee is a professional wrestler / actor / business owner who is vying to become Ringgold’s next mayor. He said more than 20 of his signs have turned up missing since Friday. Statements and comments about the missing signs have popped up on social media.

"When you get on facebook and run your mouth, you might want to be more smart about because you just admitted guilt," Lee said as he was referring to screen shots of a facebook page; a screen shot that investigators are now looking at as evidence.

Another suspect who is believed to be a supporter of Nick Millwood was reportedly seen taking Lee’s signs. Millwood is the current vice mayor who is also vying for the mayors seat.

"I saw Mr. Millwood and discussed this matter with him and he said he will make a post online not to touch my signs," Lee said.

Millwood nor other city leaders and city election officials are talking about the matter because there is a possible lawsuit against the city that is waiting in the wings from Lee. Last week during a special hearing at city hall, city leaders ruled that Lee didn’t meet the requirements to run for city office based on where he lives. Lee immediately filed for an appeal and under that appeal he’s allowed to keep his name on the ballot and campaign pending the outcome of the appeal.

"If the appeal goes in my favor, guess what? I’m running for mayor," Lee said.

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