Rams Running Back Todd Gurley Hopes to Return to Form in Super Bowl

Despite a knee injury limiting rams running back Todd Gurley’s performance at the end of the season, the pro-bowler and former Georgia star leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns. He’s a fantasy owner’s dream. Gurley’s dream of playing in the Super Bowl comes true this week as he returns to the Peach State.

Said Gurley: “Shoot, when Greg kicked that kick and we was going to the Super Bowl it was like oh yeah it’s real.”

The Rams star Todd Gurley touched the ball just five times against the Saints in the NFC Championship. Nevertheless, the Rams won in overtime, and Gurley returns to the state that made him famous.

Said Gurley: “Playing at Georgia and being able to come back here a couple years later and being able to play in the Super Bowl. It’s like a mini homecoming, so it’s pretty cool.”

Gurley helps make up a very young but hard working Rams roster and he says all the hard work has paid off.

Said Gurley, “The ultimate goal is to play in a National Championship, state championship and the Super Bowl and for me to be able to do that in my fourth year in the league with these guys on this team, it’s incredible.”

Some might not think answering endless questions is incredible. But Gurley isn’t bothered by it.

Reporter, “Do you enjoy this part of it all or is it kind of annoying that you have two weeks of talking before actually playing the game?”

Said Gurley, “um it’s cool, I would have been doing this if I wasn’t at the Super Bowl anyways so.”

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