Rapper “Dell Cashtro” arrested again in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – A rapper who is already facing gun and drug charges finds himself back in handcuffs facing multiple felony charges.

Rapper Dell Cashtro whose real name is Kerry Clemens,  34 of Marietta Georgia was arrested Monday morning and after reportedly pulling a gun on three people inside a parking lot.

According to both police and security surveillance video, it happened at the CVS store in the 6100 block of Highway 153.

When police arrived on scene, they reportedly found three teenage victims looking distraught after crashing the vehicle there vehicle crashed into a pole.

All three people told an office that a black man wearing a red shirt got out of a green SUV and pulled a silver handgun on them. They also told police the man was yelling at them for parking too close to his SUV.

According to police, the victim who was driving the car wrecked the vehicle as a result of being scared while trying to get away.

Police entered the store where they found a man matching the description of the suspect in question. He was identified as Kerry Clemons.  Officer used surveillance video from the store parking lot to positively identify Clemons as the suspect.

According to the officer, the video clearly showed the victim’s backing out of a parking space when Clemons walked around the rear of the vehicle to confront the victims with a silver handgun.

Officers searched Clemons vehicle and reportedly found a silver and black handgun with a fully loaded magazine in the front driver side floorboard in plain view.

Clemons reportedly told investigators the gun didn’t belong tom him and that he didn’t know it was in the vehicle.

When officers searched Clemons, they reportedly found $2,261 in cash on him. Police found that to be suspicious after Clemons told them he was unemployed and on disability.

According to the arrest affidavit, Clemons told the arresting officer that he was traveling back to Chattanooga from Atlanta.

A further investigation by officers reportedly revealed that Clemons did not have a valid driver’s license or insurance on the vehicle.  Officers also report that Clemons placed a false registration on the vehicle.

Clemons was charged:

  • 3-counts of aggravated assault

  • Two counts of possession of a firearm during a commission of a crime

  • And other charges related to vehicle registration and the lack of a driver’s license.


Clemons was already awaiting trial for multiple drug charges that date back to October of last year. Since 2009, Clemons has been arrested various times by Chattanooga police on various charges that range from illegal drug possession to criminal impersonation.

Clemons first came across the WDEF radar blip in March of 2014 when he was hitting the radio charts in Atlanta with a new Rap song that was also getting airtime in Chattanooga. The song was "We Gon’ Get Dis Money", and it was Number one on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta. A cleaned-up version was playing nightly on Chattanooga’s Power 94.


At that time, Clemons was enjoying success on the radio but also facing felony drug charges after he and  

Clemons is currently out of jail on $103,000 bond.

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