Ridgeland High School Teacher Honored as Do The Right Thing Winner

One of the most important people in a young child’s life is a teacher.  When a teacher is really really good at his or her job, there’s probably nothing better.  A teacher is who we honor this month for “Do The Right Thing!”

Erika Couey has been a teacher at Ridgeland since 1994.  The Art Teacher since 2009. Like so many teachers, she’ll do what it takes to educate her students.  To include spending her own money.

Erika said, “I do spend my own money.  But for me, I’ll get excited about a project.  And I want my students to experience that.”

Karen Hughes, the principal at Ridgeland High said, “She is totally in it for the kids.  She has a passion for the arts.  She goes above and beyond.”

Chris McKeever, who nominated Erika for the award, said, “She gives so much to her students and the community.  It’s a thrill for the museum to have her art work up.”

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