“Do The Right Thing” Honors Collegedale Teacher

Our monthly featured series “Do The Right Thing” went down in McDonald, Tennessee.

Stacie Schepers works at a produce stand in McDonald.  Much of what she grows is sold at the stand.

Stacie is active in her church. But she really makes her mark as a first grade school teacher at Collegedale Academy.

Rose Fuller nominated Stacie for this honor. As a friend and former teacher herself, Rose says Stacie is the bomb!!

“Number one, she’s organized, says Rose Fuller.

Number two, she is so creative, that I just thought she was a good person to nominate.”

Stacie doesn’t know we’re coming. But we’re on a mission. That’s the way this little undercover operation works my friends.

“Let’s go find Stacie. Stacie, I’m Dave Staley with News 12 Now.

On behalf of Dunkin’ Donuts and News 12 Now, I’d like to present you with this check for 500 dollars.

It is yours to do whatever you wish. Congratulations.” (“Thank you so much!”)

Stacie says she plans on giving the money to a family that has a very sick son.

And she plans to continue what she’s doing. Especially teaching, which is so important to her!

“I love it. It’s my life. It’ll be my 25th year this year.

There’s not anything more important than to raise little ones!”

Great job Stacie. From all of us at Dunkin’ Donuts and here at News 12 Now, congratulations!

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