Soddy Daisy Veteran Helps Others, DTRT Winner

CHATTANOOGA, TN – (WDEF) – There is a disabled Army veteran in Soddy Daisy who is doing his best to help his fellow veterans.

Scotty Mincey started a Facebook page back in May.

And it’s taken off much more than anyone expected.

That’s why Scotty is this month’s Dunkin’ “Do The Right Thing” award winner.

We went to Chester Frost Park to surprise Scotty with the award.

Scotty just recently started a Facebook page, and a group, called “Combat Paddlers.”

It’s a place and an organization for our vets.  Getting them outside.  Enjoying kayaking and nature.

Showing them they have many friends.  Friends who care.

“I’m in my garb. So let’s go find Scotty Mincey.”
“Scotty! Dave Staley, News 12 Now!”
“Thank you for what you do”
“On behalf of News 12 Now and Dunkin Donuts, I’d like to present you with this check for 500 dollars.  It’s yours to do as you wish.  Congratulations!”

“Thank you so much, its an honor to work with veterans. It’s all I really want to do”

The veterans in the group are not counselors. Not therapists.

Simply friends who will lend an ear. Listen. Not judge.

“Everybody needs a friend. That’s who we are.”

Scotty says so far, the response has been overwhelming.

The VA hospital is even referring patients to the group.

Consider that 22 veterans take their own lives every day.  Scotty, himself a disabled veteran of Desert Storm, at one time tried to take his own life as well.

He wants to stop the cycle.

Scotty says he’ll take the 500 bucks and share it with his veteran friends.

Sandy Stephens, who nominated Scotty for this award, says she is not surprised!

“Of course that’s what he would do. I’m not surprised at all.  That’s Scotty!”

Scotty Mincey!  Job well done.  Our latest “Do The Right Thing” Award winner.  Well deserved.

Once again, from all of us here at News 12 Now AND from Dunkin Donuts, congratulations Scotty!  Keep paddling!


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