Ringgold Helps Officer Hurt During Wreck

RINGGOLD, Ga. (WDEF) – It was a routine investigation of a wreck on I-75 on June 5th. But a motorcycle rider hit two Ringgold police cars.

Officer Patrick mason escaped the accident unharmed. But the other officer, Wilborn Dycus, had to be extricated from his vehicle. He was seriously hurt and is still off the job.

The city of Ringgold and dozens of volunteers wanted to do help Officer Dycus during his recovery.

Jeff Hullender, the Hullender family, said “I love living in a community that supports their law enforcement. And this community is going above and beyond to show their support for Officer Dycus. ”

What they’re doing is staging an event tomorrow evening with gospel music, games, a bike ride, free hamburgers and hot dogs. And of course, raise money for Wilburn and the Dycus family.

Dan wright, city manager, said “He’s the type of guy that if anyone needs something he’s going to see that its done. If somebody’s on the side of the road and they’ve broken down and tire needs to be changed , Wilborn’s going to get out–he’s going to change the tire. If they run out of gas he’s going to do get them some gas. If they haven’t got a place to stay he’s probably going to carry them to a hotel. Uh. Love thy neighbor is sort of what Wilborn, he lives by, and that’s sort of his take on life.”

Jeff Hullender stated, “We did talk to him last night and uh, he is going to physical therapy three times a day …He’s doing much better. His original diagnosis was for 6 months…You know, before he could …They’re expecting a full recovery.”

Dan Wright said,  “I think when you have someone like that ..That gives and gives and gives. This is just an opportunity for the community to come back , maybe help give a little bit towards the issues that he’s having right now.”

The event is from 4 to 8 pm in downtown.

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