Shooting on Amnicola

Chattanooga (WDEF) –


Press conference squashed by Feds who are taking over the investigation.  Still waiting on any official word on what happened.


An unconfirmed report, from a source we trust:

4 dead in shooting, 1 marine critical, 1 police officer stable condition

The shooter is dead (not sure if included in the 4)

1:15 Update

CBS reports the shooter is dead, according to multiple law enforcement sources

1:12 Update

Report from police department that this is no longer an active shooter situation.

1:00 Update

Caitlyn Jones reports she has confirmed that 4 marines & 1 police officer were shot at the Lee Highway Naval recruiting site.
Press conference has been delayed.

12:35 Update

U.S. Navy now corrects their earlier tweet.  They confirm a shooting at their recruiting facility on Amnicola.

12:25 Update

multiple lockdowns in Bradley county, Mall, business, Lee University.
seems to be a precaution over a naval recruiting station in Cleveland.
Sheriff Watson tells us there is NO shooting there.

12:20 Update

U.S. Navy tweets that there is NO shooting at their facility on Amnicola, but they are investigating reports of a shooting at their place on Lee Highway.  Eyewitnesses contradict the Amnicola report.

12:45 Update

Officer tells reporter Erik Avanier that the shooting started at the location on Lee Highway before moving to Amnicola

12:38 Update

Tiger Alert at Chattanooga St… stay in place if you are on campus.. avoid if you are not

12:36: Update

Location is at the U.S. Naval Reserve Center at 4501 Amnicola Highway

12:25 Update

Mayor Berke says an officer is down in Amnicola Hwy shooting

12:15 Update

Chattanooga police say there is Developing situation on Amnicola Highway.

Do not travel Amnicola Hwy. roads are blocked near river park.

12:10 Update

Witness say Binswanger glass being evacuated.

"I’ve never heard so many shots in my life"

Chattanooga (WDEF)

Multiple reports of shootout underway on Amnicola Highway.

Dozens of police cars enroute.

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