Spanish Immersion Program

In response to the need for early language learning, the Chattanooga School of Language launched its first series of summer language camps for kids of preschool to elementary age.
For 12 weeks, the Spanish Immersion Preschool camp introduced young children to the Spanish language while doing everyday activities, such as art, music, dance and playing with friends.
The camp’s teachers are native speakers and will create as much of an "immersion" experience as possible, speaking to the children predominantly in Spanish. No previous Spanish experience is necessary.
A new preschool will be located at Hixson United Methodist Church Child Development Center and will begin on September 3, 2014.
This preschool will be for 3-4 year olds, Monday through Thursday from 9am-12pm. Should parents need to have a full-time preschool option for their child, they will also be offering full-time
preschool, with the additional option to add the Spanish Immersion course.

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