Spy Camera Found in Downtown Chattanooga Club Toilet Being Investigated By Police

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Chatt State student Josh Neelands says he thought he found an e-cigarette in the toilet of Chattanooga Billiards Club but when he took it home he found it had a USB port, a camera and a hard-drive with videos of adults and children urinating.

"Each video was about thirty minutes long, they had in one video, I mean I didn’t look over it extensively, but I did scrub through it briefly, i saw adults and children in a bathroom"

The media and technology student says he went straight to the police after seeing video shots of a man putting the camera in place when he explored the hard-drive.

"An African American male probably late twenties maybe mid twenties, lightly bearded with glasses and short hair cut"

Neelands says he’s since researched the products and found there are loads of these spy cameras both pen, lighter and e-cig fakes that can be bought for next to nothing.

"Its only 9.99 on Amazon anybody can buy it, anybody could set it up, anybody do this sort of thing if they wanted to"

A local e-cig store said they are not concerned that these isolated incidents will reflect badly on e-cig users.

Luke Pettit, Chattanooga Vapor Company,"You know it could be anything, a flashlight, a fake phone a fake spy glasses for that matter, I don’t think it really has negative connotations for our industry"

The owner of Chattanooga Billiards Club told news 12 she is completely unaware of the incident and has not been contacted by any authorities.

   Chattanooga Police are investigating this incident, and are considering releasing some portions of the video in hopes of identifying the suspect.
     If you know anything about this spy cam, contact Chattanooga Police.

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