State Office Building in Chattanooga Named 11th Most Endangered

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – No one wants to see a building with genuine historical value demolished.
Some of Chattanooga’s landmarks are over a hundred years old.
But there are questions about the long-range value of others, like the old state office building on McCallie, soon to be part of the UTC campus.
Here’s the latest effort to save it.

The state office building has some nice touches—like granite siding and bronze artwork at the front door.
But is it really one of the top historical buildings in the nation."

NANCY TINKER, NATIONAL TRUST, FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION "…in cooperation with Chattanooga’s Cornerstone..a partner of the National Trust ..I am pleased to announce the Chattanooga State office building has been named to the National Trust 2014 11 most listings."

UTC, which has not taken possession of the building says..its too soon to know.

CHUCK CANTRELL , UTC VICE CHANCELLOR "Remember the state government is saying its not good enough for them to keep using ..and we’re saying we need the land really."

NANCY TINKER "We respectfully request the university explores ways in which the building may be integrated within campus life."

KIM TRENT, EXEC.DIR., KNOX HERITAGE "A University can decide whether to be an island in the middle of a city or a fortress that keeps within itself and looks inward, or a university that can become a part of the fabric of a community."

CHUCK CANTRELL "I have to tell you..we’re right here sitting in a building that’s almost a hundred years old, so I don’t think you’ll find a group Chattanooga that’s any more committed to doing what we can to preserve old buildings..we have a lot of buildings on campus that are approaching 100 years old."

UTC Vice Chancellor Chuck Cantrell says when the university moves in, they will look at the heating, air and electrical systems to see if its possible to save the 60 year old building."

CHUCK CANTRELL "That may mean renovation, that may mean tearing it down and building something else..we just don’t know at this point."

Right now, says Cantrell, they are looking at it as a transition building.

The university is actually getting two structures from the state.
The other is the Mapp Building which may become a conference center.
UTC is also giving up 5 older buildings as part of the restucturing of the campus.

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