Summerville clerk resigns in midst of “Santa in Uniform” funds investigation

SUMMERVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – Monday night’s Summerville City Council meeting began with a bit of a back and forth, between Councilmen Windle, Mayor Harvey and Christopher Nixon, who is running for the position of mayor.

Nixon said to the Mayor “It’s time that you stand up and address the problems and failures that you’ve had in the city as well.”

Councilmen Windle expressed his feelings on the topic saying, “I am tired of (d***) people that are telling lies.”

Among other things, Nixon demanded answers about the missing city funds that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into.

“It’s time that we move forward, you have no plans for the future you’re reactive it’s time to be proactive … now how many audits were performed on that account?” asked Nixon.

Mayor Harvey responded, “I am not commenting on any of that right now… Mr. Nixon I will not.”

Police Chief Stan Mosely says “We received some information that the account was short of funds so we looked into it and contacted the bank and found out there was some discrepancies in the bookkeeping so that’s when I contacted the GBI for them to take over the case.”

City officials state they are not commenting further on this case, until the GBI’s investigation is complete.

The employee involved is Stacy Fountain who was the clerk who oversees the Santa in Uniform account, an account that funds Christmas gifts for kids all over Chattooga County.

Residents are not pleased, but say they are not passing judgment until the investigation is over.

“I’ve known the employee that is accused .. rather that has resigned … I’ve lived here all of my life and I know pretty much everybody in the community and to see those accusations thrown was devastating. I pray that she is innocent,” says Nixon, “With these funds gone, we’ve robbed Christmas from these kids… it’s a literal Grinch at city hall.”

Micheal Mack says “Not only toys, but clothes so that they can have something on the tree.. It’s not being monitored to start with and it comes from the top.”

Pamela, who’s lived in the city for 50 + years believes, “We just have to wait and see what happens… you know kids look forward to that money and the young lady that they are claiming that took it is innocent until proven guilty and she is a very sweet person. ”

SUMMERVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – The Summerville Municipal Court Clerk has resigned as she faces a GBI investigation into missing money.

18 year employee Stacy Fountain was in charge of the Santa in Uniform bank account, among others.

On Friday, the chief of police learned that money was missing in bookkeeping records.

Chief Mosely called in the GBI to investigate and suspended her on Sunday.

She resigned as a result.

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