Supermarket Guru For the Week of 5/26

Hi, I’m Phil Lempert with the New Product Hits & Misses.

First up is Triscuit Brown Rice Rice Thin Crisps Wasabi & Soy Sauce Flavor.
Yes, wasabi is a hot flavor these days, but these chips just don’t have enough to give it that wasabi kick. Made from a recipe of long grain brown rice and whole grain soft wheat these are actually very crispy and light. 10 crackers are only 130 calories  and 3 grams of fat. The concept here is really good, it’s just way too bland. They’re actually using real wasabi powder but unfortunately it’s the last ingredient.  Retails for $3.69 for 7.6 oz.  Total Score is 83.

Beaver Brand Bread & Butter Pickle Mustard is a hit.
I’m not a fan of bread and butter pickles, however, using them in this mustard makes the difference. With sugars added it actually tastes great, so if you like sweet versus tangy or spicy this is for you. The cucumbers add a nice mouth feel and the peppers just a hint of flavor. One teaspoon is just 15 calories with only 55 mg of sodium, but does have 2 grams of sugars per teaspoon. Beaverton Foods is still one of the most innovative when it comes to different flavor combinations.
Retails for $4.00 for 10.25 oz.  Total Score is 88.

Crunchies Freeze Dried Grapes is a hit.
The whole trend of freeze dried fruit has been around for a while. It started with slices of apples but now it’s evolved well past that. These grapes are crunchy, delicious and actually more nutritious than fresh fruit because of the increased density of the fruit. Made only from grapes, with no added sugars. One package, which is 1.2 oz has just 120 calories, zero grams of fat and 30 grams of naturally occurring sugars. Not only as a snack, but I could see adding these to breakfast cereal and oatmeal. Maybe even a salad?  Retails for $5.49 for 1.2 oz.  Total Score is 89.

Sargento Tastings Fiesta Pepper Jack is a hit.
This is a terrific idea from what has become one of the most innovative cheese companies. The flavor of the Pepper Jack is better than most. The Jack cheese is smooth and creamy and delicious. The peppers themselves are slightly larger and overall one of the best recipes for hot pepper cheese I’ve ever had. My one complaint is the package is really hard to open. How about giving us a tear strip which will allow us to peel back the bottom layer?  Retails for $2.79 for 3.95 oz.  Total Score is 89.

Organic Valley Organic Fuel High Protein Chocolate Milk Shake is the hit of the week.
I’m usually not a fan of chocolate milk, but this one could make me change my mind. The chocolate flavor is neither overpowering or cloying, just a smooth, rich flavor, and they’re using Fair Trade Dutch Cocoa. The milk is what you would expect from Organic Valley, which is terrific, with 26 grams of milk protein (as compared to 11 grams in 11 ounces of milk) with just 6 grams of fat. One caution is because of the naturally occurring sugars in the milk and the added cane sugar, one bottle does contain 28 grams of sugars.  Retails for $2.89 for 11 oz.  Total score is 91.

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