Suspect Leads Police on a Wild Chase in Ooltewah; Police Fire at Him Three Times

What started out as an effort by local officers to follow up on a stolen car report this morning….turned into a 3 hour chase, several vehicle crashes and three shots fired at a suspect by police.

Here’s a re-cap of a hectic, and sometimes frightening morning for local law enforcement agencies.

If you were on I-75 at Ooltwewah at mid-morning, you were part of a fugitive chase, whether you wanted to be or not.

All of that police activity actually started on Watts Avenue near the Airport.

Two investigators went to check on a stolen car report.

DAVID RODDY, CPD, ASSISTANT CHIEF  “Those two investigators approached the residence, some individuals outside. One of those individuals jumped into a car and attempted to flee the scene in a very reckless and dangerous manner.”

That suspect, that police know, struck the investigators vehicle and left at a high rate of speed. They went after him.

DAVID RODDY  “As more law enforcement came into the area, that individual proceeded to get up and drive the wrong way down one of out interstates at a high rate of speed..endangering countless more lives.”

One officer was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries in an interstate.

CHIEF  RODDY “We also had one of our officers responding into the scene whose city vehicle was struck in the rear by an 18-wheeler..and was injured as a result.”

The suspect wrecked his vehicle and fled on foot . He ran into a wooded area near the Cracker Barrel Restaurant.

Police began a house to house search.

COLIN GILLESPIE, OOLTEWAH  “They were all vested up, doing the whole police thing..surrounded the building.”

SAUNDRA MASSENGILL, OOLTEWAH  “When I came out on the porch, one of the poliucemen told me said get back in the house…because it was something bad going on.”

CHIEF RODDY “During the course of the entire persuit, he presented threats through his desperate actions to our law enforcement officers…that they proceed, needed and justified the use of deadly. Three of our officers discharged their firearms as a result.”

Chief Roddy says there’s still a police presence in that are but the man has not been located.

What should residents there do?

 CHIEF RODDY  “Go about your daily lives…but just be aware of what’s going on around you..same advice we give to anyone anyday…just be aware.”

He advices, if you see something—say something and police will check it out.


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