TDOT and THP cut ribbon on brand new co-location center in Chattanooga

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – THP Colonel Tracy Trott said he’s been looking forward to Wednesday’s grand opening for quite a while now.  He said, "I’ve dedicated my whole adult life to this organization and to see it be very successful and doing things that haven’t been done in 55 years does excite me."
        On Wednesday, the ribbon was cut on the new THP dispatch center located in the TDOT Traffic management Center in Chattanooga.
        TDOT Commissioner John Shroer explained, "It’s a game changer, and I think that’s really important, and these facilities were actually built to do this."
        Colonel Trott added, "We have access to their SmartWay Fiber optics cameras, which we did not have before, so it gives us eyes that we didn’t have on the highways and major interstates and major intersections.  Just the technology that they have here in the building is going to improve our performance as an agency."
        The new facility means THP can now access the camera feeds from the I-75 fog zone in Bradley and McMinn Counties.
        Commissioner Schroer said, "It’s going to help and it’s going to save lives which is what this is all about."
        Colonel Trott added, "They’re sitting in the same room, or the same building.  We can have a coordinated response and really serve the motoring public much better.
        This all means improved incident detection, response and clearance times, and better understanding between the two agencies. Colonel Trott explained, "This is just one step in the right direction.  Having a coordination between TDOT and THP to respond to emergencies."
        And Chattanooga could become a model for the rest of Tennessee. Commissioner Schroer said, "We’re excited about this, and we hope to do this across the state."
        This new center means eventually THP’s Cookeville Center can be consolidated into the Chattanooga facility.

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