Teacherpreneur Incubator

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) Some Hamilton County teachers spent time working to make education better right here in Chattanooga.

Teacherpreneur Incubator began with 60 teachers proposed their plans and only the top 30 pitched their ideas to a panel of judges.

They only had 3 minutes to successfully pitch their ideas. In that time, they had to spell out how this idea would be implemented and its benefits to students.

Christa Payne of Chattanooga’s Public Education Foundation said this is a great idea.

"This is a chance for teacher to implement there most visionary, innovative ideas."

Teachers played as students. They pitched idea after idea, trying to urge the judges that their vision will work.

Former teacher, Dean Cress said, "This is a very empowering program for teachers to make something concrete happen."

Teachers spend about 180 days out of a year with students, and this is a rare time that the classroom direction can come from somewhere other than the federal, state or local levels.

"These teachers have been putting together proposals that are innovative and entrepreneurial to effect students in their classrooms,” said Payne.

They are actually will go beyond the classroom.

Cress said, "Being able to connect with businesses and role models particularly in the STEM areas where there are technical professionals that can help with activities that allow our students particularly in the urban environments to see the potential for STEM jobs."

Some ideas are conventional others aren’t, but it’s all to connect education with world around them.

"We make education a whole city event rather just in the school building,” Cress added.

Twelve teachers will be able to get their ideas funded to move forward.

Here are the top five.

1st place: Standards-Driven Project-Based Learning for High School Sciences
Sean Brown and Jessica Hubbuch, The Howard School

2nd- It Takes a Village- Beth’s List
Elisabeth Wilson, Red Bank Elementary School

3rd- First Person Fixer Game: Computer Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Matthew Craig, Normal Park Museum Magnet School

Tied for 4th:
Developing Opportunities for Authentic Student Entrepreneurship with Agriculture Education
Lee Friedlander, Hixson High School

Leadership Think Tank- 21st Century Communication and Beyond
Valerie Brown, Linda Bugg, Lindsey Hagan, Patricia Russell, Bess T. Shepherd Elementary

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