TECH BYTE: Get Help From AAA Through Digital Assistant

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Digital assistants can help you with pretty much anything.

Now you can use one to request roadside assistance with AAA.

Getting help with your car is now a voice command away for AAA members.

“You can use the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and you can just say, ‘Hey, Alexa, call AAA.’ And through that Amazon skill, you can call for simple services,” said Stephanie Milani, AAA Auto Club Group.

Milani says one in three of their calls actually comes from home, so this makes it more convenient for their members to request roadside assistance.

“So you’re sitting at home, you see that your battery didn’t do great on the way home,” she said. “It had a little trouble starting when you were leaving work. You get home, you get dinner fixed. You have your digital assistant call AAA to come out while you’re finishing up dinner, and they can check your battery, your tires, or give you some extra gas if you run out of gas, as well.”

You can also use your digital assistant to help you find a AAA diamond rated hotel or restaurant anywhere in the world.

“People are going digital with so many things now, we just wanted to offer this as kind’ve an innovative and convenient way for people to get a hold of AAA when they need to,” Milani said.

You will have to set up this service on your assistant ahead of time in order to make a request.

“You do have to verify your membership the first time that you use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, but from there on you can simply just request the service, your membership information is already in there, and you can tell them the location that you’re at, and what you what you need, and we’ll dispatch a truck to your location,” Milani said.

For now, you’re limited to what you can request using the digital assistant, but AAA plans to add more full-service requests, like towing, down the road.

And of course, if you don’t have a digital assistant, you can request help online, through the AAA app, or just by calling the number on your membership card.

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