TECH BYTE: Use Tech to Track Your Favorite Football Teams

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — This is the best time of year for folks who love football.

If you can’t make the big game, or don’t have a TV, no problem!

You can now stream football games on your smartphone.

“I know the NFL has their own app now, where you can watch games via their app, and they’re asking people to use that app to watch football games, and a very popular one for college football is the Watch ESPN app,” said Rick Nyman, sports director for WDEF News 12. “That’s because you get ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN2. All three of those networks have games on Saturdays, so you can go to that app and get a hold of all those games, as well.”

You do have to have subscriptions to watch games on both apps live, but you can get game stats and highlights for free.

“Basically the only time I stream a football game ironically is when I’m at another football game,” Nyman said. “I’ll be up in the press box watching a game, and then you can just take your phone out and watch another big game on one of the networks while the game is going on in front of you.”

On the ESPN App, you can even get texts when your team scores, and a player is injured if you’re not near a TV.

The app isn’t limited to just football.

“There are other sporting events that ESPN shows, so you’d be able to watch other sports on that app, as well,” he said.

The CBS Sports app also comes in handy for keeping up with football games.

“The CBS Sports app, I watch that one as well, because CBS has a college football game every Saturday at 3:30 p.m.,” Nyman said.

Nyman also recommends the FOX Sports app, and YouTube TV for watching games.

“Football is very, very, very popular entertainment, so you can understand why there are so many people probably wanting to stream this to the public, because the public has such an interest in it.”

And in addition to your phone, you can also use a smart speaker, like the Google Home or Amazon Echo for the latest news on your favorite teams.

If you do have a TV, and would prefer watching the game on a bigger screen, you can use an adapter and HDMI cable to connect your phone to the TV to stream the game.

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