Tennessee Severe Weather Awareness Week

Tennessee Weather Awareness Week is educating people about the dangers severe weather can bring, but there are several ways you can prepare yourself and your family in case severe weather hits.

News 12 spoke with Hamilton County Emergency Services Director, Tony Reavley, about those ways and why it’s so important to plan ahead.

“In the spring time it seems like we have an increase of severe weather events. Flash flooding, potential severe storms. and the likelihood of tornadoes increase.”

Severe weather can happen at any moment.

Like the tornado that struck Hamilton County in 2011 which left homes damaged, people injured, and even some deaths.

Tony Reavley, Director of Hamilton County Emergency Services and Homeland Security, advises people need to take the time to create an emergency plan..

“If you have to evacuate your home for whatever reason, have a meeting place for your family.”

If you do have to leave your home make sure you take any medications you may need, have activities planned to keep your children occupied.

Also make sure to bring a flashlight, a weather radio, new batteries and bottled water.

If you happen to come across high waters, Reavely said to be extremely cautious.

“Stay away from those streams. You know, they’re awful inviting to come in and play in, but stay away those things because they can be very treacherous. If you see high water cross the roadway…turn around, don’t drown.”

And in case of a tornado seek shelter immediately.

“Try to find a building a business owner or something you can get in and take refuge.”

You can stay up-to-date with all things weather with the help of the WDEF Storm Team 12 app that can found in the app store.

For more information on Tennessee Severe Weather Awareness Week click here.

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