Three Arrested, Two on the Run in Mall Fireworks Scare

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Chattanooga police arrest three people they say are behind the fireworks scare at a local mall the day after Christmas.

Two suspects are still on the run.

“This is grown adults acting like a bunch of juveniles,” said Lt. Daniel Jones, Chattanooga police department.

Chattanooga police say five people are behind the fireworks scare at Hamilton Place Mall.

Darrisha Landmon, Diamond Jones, and Garrian King are in custody, facing charges ranging from theft to reckless endangerment.

Police say 31-year-old Reese Cosby is still on the run, and another unidentified person was also involved.

“Once our organized crime unit actually looked at the video, we knew exactly who it was,” Jones said. “It was one of those that we’ve dealt with these individuals before.”

Investigators released surveillance video of the incident. In it, you can see the suspects walk into the Victoria’s Secret PINK store.

“Not only that, throughout the video you can see the girls going around throughout the store and actually obtaining clothing, and taking clothing off the hooks, basically laying it over their arms, talking back and forth with Mr. King and Mr. Cosby,” Jones said.

Then police say Cosby lit some type of firework to cover up the crime.

“It was loud enough and big enough to cause a bunch of, a big disorder if you will, and causing a lot of panic inside the mall,” Jones said.

Despite this incident and the recent shooting outside the mall on Black Friday, police say residents should not be afraid to shop here.

“We here in Chattanooga celebrate diversity,” Jones said. “And for us not to celebrate diversity and stay away from the mall just because of that, you’re letting them win, and we can’t do that. We can’t do that as a community.”

Jones says if you see something suspicious, say something.

If you know where Reese Cosby is, call Chattanooga police.


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