Thieves took more than his tools, they took his livelihood

LAKESITE, Tennessee (WDEF) – The owners of a local tree service need your help in locating their stolen work items.

According to them 15-thousand dollars worth of equipment was stolen from the Dallas Bay Storage Unit in Lakesite.

News 12’s Danielle Moss has the latest information regarding the theft.

John Green was on his way to work when he noticed that his trailer and all of his tree trimming utensils were stolen.

Green says that the thieves took chainsaws, climbing belts, spikes and a utility trailer.

The thieves neatly placed the trees from his last job where his trailer was located.

They even took the time to tie them down.

“I believe that it was somebody that it was somebody that worked for me before because they targeted my unit. No other units were broken into and like I said, they took everything that I had to work with.”

This is not the busiest time of the year for Quality Tree Services.

Now, the company has to rely on other tree companies to help with the slack.

“We do have work that is scheduled so like I said, this other tree service is going to help us get by until we can replace our other equipment.”

Green says that his business is not the only thing that is affected by the theft.

“They took a families mean of income. They took an entire business away from somebody and, we’re going to keep going.”

David Carter of Dallas Bay Storage says that break-ins are not a common thing.

“Actually, this is only the second or third time this has happened in 25 years so, it’s an isolated incident. We work with police at all times in different situations when the cameras might have picked up something on the street.”

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

In Lakesite, Danielle Moss News 12 Now.

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