Truck Load of Food & Supplies Donated to Homeless in N. GA

A truck load of food and supplies for the homeless were given out to the North Georgia community today.

An anonymous donor provided food and hygienic supplies.

Perry’s Promise also assisted with this delivery of goods.

Georgia State representative Mike Cameron was there to help deliver the much – needed supplies.

“You know it’s one thing to tell people God loves them, it’s another to show it. And, that’s what we’re doing here. We got the Ridge land football team and cheerleaders, and various animal rescue people here getting invested and involved in the community,” says Cameron.[0]=AZUJQ8XxCdOPoOwMzKjzLqKVpKZvpYgArwwEjPiXBjXbF626ZOSVRNyo9PsZflujx92Ioc6kpZpZxxOhRiNooeZv25dgFDWcgENvG75TI86xo1-CoRo0wtGsYsE5_O7lWDJ9yWeDRrrw1Hvbd3oc52ry&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R


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