Tuftco employees making shields on their own time

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A local manufacturing company is working to make face shields during the cornonavirus pandemic.

Carpet industry Tuftco is finding new ways to use their machinery by making shields to help with social distancing during the pandemic.

The carpet icon uses it’s spare time to create over twenty-four protective shields per day to give local businesses a safer option to interact with customers.

Employees work on the protective shields in between breaks and some come in early just to help assemble them.

They says this is their way of giving back.

Vice President Mark Harmon explains “The materials are a poly carbonate shield called lexan. Sort of like a clear plastic glass, and using our craftsman we have made these portable by roller casters on the bottom of them. They are safety shields to keep people apart from each other.”

Tuftco has created shields for the Chattanooga Food Bank, Community Kitchen and other businesses per request.

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