Two Arrested After Officers Chase a Stolen Vehicle into Georgia

It took officers from two states and three counties to stop a stolen van and arrest two people late Thursday.

Authorities are still trying to put all the facts together.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Deputies spotted a stolen vehicle on Bonny Oaks Drive and attempted to stop it on Highway 153.

But from there the chase was on.

SHERIFF SCOTT CHITWOOD , WHITFIELD CO.  “…came 75 south through Catoosa, Catoosa got involved, when he hit Whitfield, Catoosa basically backed-off, Whitfield joined in, along with Georgia state patrol…a pit maneuver was administered just south pf the Walden avenue exit…333.”

Inside the van were two people.

SHERIFF CHITWOOD “A black male subject was driving a white female passenger . Upon the pit maneuver, officers were there..both subjects attempted to get out and run but caught a very short time later…the driver is facing multiple charges ..I think a stolen gun was in his possession.”

The Male suspect is identified as Michael Stroud, of Atlanta. With him was 17-year old Ashley Haynes of east Brainerd. She’s described as a runaway. .

SHERIFF CHITWOOD “I know that she was listed as a missing person..again the vehicle was listed as stolen, His background, I’m not sure of as far as a criminal record ..but again they are facing numerous charges in both states.”

Those charges include possession of stolen property, felony reckless endangerment, and felony evading.

Authorities have not decided whether to charge Ashley Haynes in Georgia or Tennessee. The investigation is still going on.


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