Variable Inc in Chattanooga Designing Unique Sensors Called “Nodes” That Keep Flying Off The Shelves

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-To you or I NODES are some kind of flashlights or batteries, but they are in fact unique sensors measuring heat, light, colors and vibrations.

Alex Lavidge, VP at Variable Inc,"We got started with just an idea on kick-starter back in March of 2012, since then we have been able to raise a few million in Series A investment, now have 26 on the payroll"

NODES are now being used by trucking, manufacturing and logistics companies all across the world and made by Variable Inc right here in Chattanooga.

Jason Barker, Production Manager, Variable Inc,"To Australia, Japan all over Europe, Canada, even some in South America, fun thing about doing fulfillment you get to see where is NODE going next"

The company say having NODES feeding back real time information to an i-phone on the condition of food or others product being shipped from country to country helps organizations get information quicker and at a low cost.

Alex Lavidge, Variable Inc,"Helps field-workers who are repairing a product or a piece of equipment on site, make smarter decisions with the vibration analysis data they are getting back or if you are referencing colors for instance even for the every day consumer"

Variable Inc officials say they are eager to grow in the Scenic City and are looking for young engineers, designers and mechanical minds.

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