Arrests made in multi-county stolen property ring in Varnell

VARNELL, Georgia (WDEF) – Law Enforcement in northwest Georgia have recovered a haul of stolen goods in a joint operation.

Varnell Police and Georgia Department of Community Supervision officers served search warrants Tuesday night and discovered a property full of stolen goods.

Four people have been charged for the stolen property, two more on drug charges, and one other on additional charges.

Some of the stolen goods have been traced to Chattanooga, Cleveland, and other North Georgia towns.

Varnell Police are inventorying the stolen property now but initial estimates value the goods at at least $150,000.

Some of the goods include a motorhome, motorcycles, antiques, jewelry, clothing and machinery.

Officers say that most of the goods were looted out of storage units and trailers.

They say the total survey will take several days and when that is done, they can begin returning the goods to the proper owners.

Here is a look at the stolen goods they have.

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