Volkswagen announces a major push into electric vehicles as part of a new direction

FRANKFURT, Germany (WDEF) – Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller on Thursday went public with the company’s new Strategy for the year 2025.

The push to be the top seller worldwide is out, and new technology is in.

Muller told reporters in Germany that the company will introduce more than 30 electric-powered vehicles by 2025.

Volkswagen has previously favored clean diesel engines over electric vehicles, but the emissions scandal has ended that.

The strategy also includes a new focus on digital mobility.

The company will develop their own services in house featuring services like ride-sharing, robo-taxis and car-sharing.

Muller also says VW will introduce fully autonomous (self-driving) cars in all segments by the beginning of the next decade.

In the big picture, the company will change emphasis from growth to efficiency.

The previous goal was to become that largest auto company in the world (topping Toyota). That strategy included an aggressive investment in the U.S. market and building the plant in Chattanooga to help accomplish that goal.

Now the company will focus on improving efficiency and becoming more profitable.

Their first step will be consolidating their component business into one division. Right now they have 26 plants around the world making components.

Automotive News reports that Volkswagen may consider selling off some assets to become leaner and meaner.

The possibilities include selling Ducati, truck manufacturer Scania, MAN Diesel & Turbo, and the propulsion company MAN Renk.

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