Volkswagen unveils electric SUV for the U.S. market

(WDEF) – Volkswagen has unveiled their first all-electric SUV.

The ID 4 will be the first long-range, all-electric VW to go on sale in the United States.

The headline is the 250 mile range, the longest for an electric SUV.

The ID 4 is a little smaller than the Tiguan but the interior space is about the same.

But it will look quite different.

Since the electric engine doesn’t require the radiator up-front, the grille looks much more like a Golf.

The first ID 4 models arrive in late 2021 and will start at around $43,000 (but it may qualify for a $7,500 tax credit in the U.S.)

The first ones will be made in Germany, but Volkswagen plans to move production to the Chattanooga plant in 2022, reducing the price in the U.S to around $35,000.

You can reserve an ID 4 now at the VW online portal.

Volkswagen is also offering to pay for all charge ups over the first three years through Electrify American sites (including one in Chattanooga).

Of course, most people are going to charge at home, but the network will greatly assist long trips.

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